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China Decorative Stone Procurement Base

Dongsheng Nantong International Stone Industry City, will become the East China region high-grade stone industry strategic headquarters,
R & D design center, processing demonstration base, logistics trading center, and developed into a new driving force affecting the world stone pattern.

Primary Production Area

Virtual Show of 1,600,000m2 Dongsheng International Stone

Transaction CenterStone Trading Center real Show

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The company always uphold the "product excellence, meet and exceed customer needs" business purposes.

        Project introduction

        As the solid support of 1.3 billion populations, the world's largest stone market - the Chinese stone industry – hides a great wealth. In recent years, driven by the global economy, China's stone industry showed a rapid development.In 2013, China's stone imports and exports totaled 37.72 million tons ……

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        Investor: Dongsheng Investment Development Co., Ltd.
        Developer: Dongsheng Nantong Stone Material Industrial Park Co., Ltd.
        Enterprise-establishing reception: No.366, By-river Highway, Rugao Harbor District, Jiangsu Province


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